New Creature Concept – Snub Bear

Presenting the Snub Bear. A nocturnal creature that sees the world through his ears, finding his way with sensory antennae. His eyes are blinded with milky whiteness, a state long evolved into due from lack of use in his subterrain tunnels. Rigid and rocklike, a pair of hands and forehead help burrow in the underneath, finding yummy grubs and roots.

Newest Print

Just wrapped up my newest work of art. Called Spider Monkey and Petes. A really personally piece. Spent about a month on this. Long enough to just get lost in the process. When I first printed out a test print, I was smacked by how good I felt about it. Prints should be up on my Etsy store shortly.

Latest WIP

The current print I’m working on. Got the flats done and starting to figure out some of the graphics for the background. Hope to have it done in time for Megacon!!

Otter – Flats started.

Just started adding flats to my second animal piece, the Otter. I will usually go back and clean up the inks afterwards. Because, well, I’m just a slave to perfection.